Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is a bad sign.

Last night the Red Sox DH David Ortiz became the 320th Major Leaguer in baseball to hit a home run. Yep, thats a DH in front of his name. That means that the only thing he does is hit. And he waited 7 weeks into the season to hit a homer, something he has been known for in days past. I was greeted by this story in the Boston Globe:

That is a really bad sign. This is what he should be doing. He is a professional power hitter. This is his job. And he took a curtain call for a home run in the fifth inning in game where are starter was shutting them out up until that point. Lovely. Look, steroids or not I love David Ortiz. Some of the most exciting moments I have had in my sports fandom include him. But the man is D-U-N done. There are three columns in the Globe this morning about whether this is a turning point for Ortiz. I would love to be wrong. Please Papi, make me wrong. But I am not. This is less a turning point and more of a case of the blind squirrel finding a nut (or for a more apt analogy a really big squirrel whose legs are shot hitting a home run) than a turning point. Theo, go get me Miguel Cabrera. The Yankees are resurgent, their steroid user (you know, he of the purple lips and tranny road beef) is less burnt out than ours. Big Tex is starting to hit in the Bronx. Time to give the Evil Empire a middle finger from the Slightly Less Evil Empire and put out a scary line up. No, Jeff Bailey, Julio Lugo, and Jonathan Van Every have no place in that lineup. Nick Green can stay(when he gets back), he may not be able to hit but he is plucky. Make it happen Theo.

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